Tasks to Complete for Assessment

The Endangered Species Biome Project is divided into 4 parts. Parts 1-3 will be published on seperate pages on your blog site and Part 4 will be printed on a letter-sized piece of paper and posted for students to view.

Before you begin, you need to establish your blog site. I suggest using the free WordPress.com blog site but any free blog site that you are comfortable using will work as well. Once you have your site up and running, please feel free to add pictures and other interesting pieces that can add a little colour and info to your site and make it interesting and grabs the attention of the reader. Please make sure it relates to this project!

Each part of the project should have its own seperate page, clearly labeled and easily found. Below you will find what needs to be complete for each part of the project.

Climate of your Biome-Part 1

  1. Locate your biome on a biome map and indicate a city/town on that map that is the closest location to your endangered species within that biome.
  2. Research and summarize information about the abiotic factors of your biome, including soil type, terrain & geography.
  3. Describe the location of your species, noting proximity to large bodies of water and 3 other important factors that affect climate.
  4. Include 1 climatograph of your biome and explain it.
  5. Explain the role humans play in the changing climatic conditions of your biome and how is this resulting in your species endangerment.

Adaptations-Part 2

  1. Picture and description of your endangered species. Included in the description should be 1 structural, 1 behavioral and 1 physiological adaptations that allow it to survive in its biome.
  2. Include 2 other examples of adaptations (1 plant and 1 animal) to the climate in your biome: include pictures and descriptions of the adaptations. Are the adaptations structural, physiological or behavioral? Why are these adaptations beneficial?
  3. Picture and description of one type of symbiosis (commensalism, mutualism or parasitism) involving your endangered animal.
  4. Explain the role humans play in how your species’ natural adaptations to its biome are of little to no use resulting in your species endangerment.

Species Interaction-Part 3

  1. Build 1 food chain of the organisms in your biome including your animal and upload it to your page.
  2. Create a Food web including your animal and upload it to your website.
  3. Create 1 Pyramid of energy or biomass for that food chain and upload it your page. 
  4.  Research and summarize a Foreign Invasive Species in your biome and include a picture of the organism and how it was introduced.
  5. 5.       Explain the role this Foreign Invasive Species play in and how it contributes to your species endangerment.

Poster-Part 4

On your 8.5/11 letter-sized poster, the following items must be included:

  1.        Title – The name of your Endangered Species
  2.        Picture of your endangered species
  3.        World Biome map pointing where your endangered species lives
  4.        These 3 questions need to be written on your poster  and answered:
  • ·         How is the endangered species a critical piece to the biome?
  • ·         Why is it endangered?
  • ·         What plans should be put into place to save the endangered species?

     5.       A QR-Code will be established to link your poster to your blog site. Please leave room on the bottom of your poster to attach the square QR-Code.


**Remember, all of these pieces of info for your poster are already on your blog site. You are just applying all the research you have done and proving why and how these endangered species should be saved!


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